Ep. 42: Founder of Too Damn Young & Host of Creating Espacios Vivian Nunez Opens Up About Life After Loss

This week's episode brings you an entrepreneur and overall badass Latina by the name of Vivian Nunez. She is the host of a Latina-driven podcast called Creating Espacios. She is also the founder of a community called Too Damn Young, a resource for teens who are grieving and figuring out life after loss. Viv opens up about her own personal loss as a teen and how she coped with it as well as how she hopes to inspire the future presidential candidate. You don't want to miss it!

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Ep. 41: #TBT to When Morado Lens Was at Premios Tu Mundo Award Show in Miami

We bring you a bonus episode to when we flew out to Miami and interviewed some really amazing women at Premios Tu Mundo. From Rashel Diaz of the daytime show Un Nuevo Dia to the three beauties of Suelta la Sopa. And, we were even blessed to have an intimate conversation with Rosie Rivera, icon Jenni Rivera's only sister. They dive into their current projects, how they landed there and even give all us women (and men) a dose of empowerment.

You don't want to miss it! Available on iTunes, Spotify, iHeart, Google Play, & Stitcher.

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Ep. 40: Annie The Alchemist on How to Manifest and What to Expect Along the Way

Annie the Alchemist is back this month to talk about going for your goals, no matter how big or unattainable they may seem. We dive into narrowing down your big idea, get real about the self-discipline you need to keep going, and the emotional roller coaster that comes when launching anything. We each share our intimate stories with Annie on what we went (and still go through sometimes!) when trying to figure out what projects speak to our soul. 

We hope in sharing our stories, they inspire you to go after your goals!

Tune in and get the low down on manifesting so you can reach your goal! Don't forget to follow Annie the Alchemist on Instagram

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Ep. 39: Political Activist Dolores Huerta Discusses Dolores the Movie, Motherhood, Intuition & More

American labor leader and civil rights activist Dolores Huerta sits down with Morado Lens to talk about her latest endeavor - Dolores the movie. She gets into why it took so long for this to come to fruition, being a mother of eleven children and why it is okay for women to ask for help and make mistakes. Dolores gives all women (and men) inspiration to persevere regardless of the hurdles or as she puts it - Si Se Puede (Yes You Can)!

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Ep. 38: The Latinos Who Lunch Podcast on Faux Brujas, Mexican Ceviche, and Cultural Appropriation

FavyFav and Babelito of the Latinos Who Lunch podcast joined us to talk about the behind-the-scenes of creating a podcast, the rise of faux brujas a.k.a. cultural appropriation, if and how they embrace their inner bruja. They even opened up about why at first they chose to use nicknames instead of using their real names when launching and how liberating it's been in committing to being vulnerable on the show. This honest conversation on culture, politics, and importance of visibility in the podcast world might leave you hungry for more. 

Check them out at Latinos Who Lunch for more and listen to their podcast! #supportbrownpodcasts

Shoutout to Pam Covarrubias from the Cafe con Pam Podcast and the FEMININE Podcast By The Modern Curandera, both available on iTunes. 

Ep. 37: Morado Lens Duo Get Into the BTS of Starting Their Podcast, Energy Vampires, & Sage for the Shade

In this episode, Nat & Cindy get into how it all began for them when deciding to launch a podcast. They also get super real on energy vampires that are no good for you and how to cope with idea stealers, being resourceful and saging the shit out of shade you may get when exposing yourselves to the world. 

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Ep. 36: Mestiza Magic Founder Valeria on Why Coming Out as a Bruja Was Harder Than Coming Out As Queer

Valeria of Mestiza Magic is not a traditional woman. As she puts it, she’s “that bruja that has really long armpit hair and likes to cuss out loud.” We were instantly attracted to her knowledge of Mexican curanderismo, owning her bruja identity as a form of healing and complicated but touching journey on coming out as a bruja to her mother. Her mom tries to sway her to not identify as a bruja because as she put it, "it's not something that's embraced in her family.”

The Massachusetts-based queer mestiza bruja is on her way to New Orleans to expand her creativity in reading and designing tarot cards and recently launched blog which came to her in a vision best described as "just a little bit of poison and a whole lot of consciousness."

Check out her Instagram account @MestizaMagic and website at MestizaMagic.com where she crafts her existence outside of the patriarchal world that tells her she’s not powerful.

Ep. 34: Cuban Illustrator Cristy C. Road on Growing up Queer in Miami, Creating her Own Tarot Cards, and Resistance Through Art

Cuban-American illustrator Cristy C. Road is unlike any other artist you've ever met before. Her vivacious attitude isn't just contagious but endearing. This Miami-based gemini is nothing short of spectacular as she spills on her toughest experiences proving that vulnerability is in fact a strength. Cristy, whose real name is Cristina Carrera, also dives into what it was like to come out to her conservative Latino family, using art as an escape in her teens through zines, and how proud she is to have produced a soon-to-be released beautiful 78-tarot card deck after all these years. She also reveals the story behind her name. Hint: punk rock is near and dear to her heart. 

Check out this fellow bruja's raw and passionate work on moradolens.com. This is part 2 of our FUERZAFest coverage, the first LGBTQ Latino festival, run by Mario Colon who was interviewed in our previous episode.

Don't forget to show Cristy C. Road some love by visiting her website

Ep. 33: LGBTQ Activist And Founder of Fuerza Festival Talks Gay issues And #Innerbruja

We sat down with LGBTQ activist and founder of Fuerza Festival, Mario Colon.  He talks about growing up as a gay, brown-skinned Latino man in Puerto Rico and what he endured from his own father through this journey. He also offers great advice to the LGBTQ community on how to push forward in life and even lets us in on his secret on how to tap into your #innerbruja.

*FUERZAfest is supported by the Hispanic Federation and highlights stage and film work, art exhibitions, workshops and panel discussions that contribute to the gay rights movement. 

Ep. 32: Part 2 of WNYC's Sassy Joanna Solotaroff on Tinder, Minneapolis & Podcasting

We couldn't get enough of Joanna Solotaroff so we are back with part 2 of our conversation with the producer of 2 Dope Queens and sidekick on Sooo Many White Guys podcast. She shared her thoughts on keeping your day job when attempting to dive into a creative field and the power of really telling the people you work with what you're passionate about.

We even, ahem Cindy, talks about her undying love for Louis C.K. and what she plans to do if they ever meet. Joanna shared her thoughts on Tinder, why Minneapolis is one of the best cities in the country and what makes a good podcast.  

Ep. 31: WNYC Producer Joanna Solotaroff on 2 Dope Queens, Ecuadorian Ceviche and Her Bruja Mother

Joanna Solotaroff is a producer at WNYC Studios in NYC who currently produces the 2 Dope Queens and Sooo Many White Guys podcast. In this episode, she sits down with us and talks about life behind-the-scenes, dating a Latino man, and her parents. Spoiler alert! Her mom is a fellow bruja (aka witch) who reads the tarot cards. #innerbruja

This is part 1 of our awesome conversation with her. Look out for part 2 next week! In the meantime, follow Joanna on Twitter (@joannna). 

Ep. 30: Anxiety Coach Palak Vani on the Shame Behind the Disorder & how Spirituality Helps Cope

On our continuous mission to practice self-love, we talk to anxiety coach Palak Vani who launched CuratedGoals.com, an affordable anxiety coaching service offered over the phone, email, text message or in-person.

She breaks down the different types of anxiety, how she got her Indian family to own the once taboo conversation, how to deal with it in the moment and even opens up about how she handles her own anxiety. We also get into how we've dealt with our own anxiety and how tapping into our inner bruja has helped cope with it.

Ep. 29: Annie The Alchemist Speaks on Her Daily Dose of Palo Santo + Sexual Energy Cords

Annie The Alchemist dials in to discuss why she is dedicated to daily palo santo cleanses - sometimes even more than once! And, you don't want to miss as she gets super real on what a sexual energy cord is and how to rid yourself of negative energy you picked up from your last lover. 

Ep. 28: Puerto Rican Transgender Advocate Ericka Florenciani on HIV, Intersectionality, and the Spiritual World

In honor of LGBT Pride Month, we talked to transgender and human health rights advocate Ericka Florenciani. This feminista breaks down her advocacy work with PrEP, a daily HIV-preventative tool. All in the name of the helping promote health towards love. And, of course, she's an empowered bruja, who talks about how she uses tarot cards and astrology to express herself and connect with the spiritual world. 

Ep. 27: Fellow Bruja And Founder of Modern Curandera Talks About Honoring Her Ancestors And Assimilation

Priscilla Klock is a fellow bruja, podcaster of Feminine and founder of Modern Curandera.  She dives into how she had to assimilate because her ethnicity was looked down on and how through that pain she birthed the Modern Curandera - a safe place that unites the modern and ancient cultures of her heritage all while helping bruja entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. 

Listen as we get into what all this meant for a fellow Latina and what this means for modern brujas today.

Ep. 26: Nat and Cindy on Embracing Your Inner Darkness

On our journeys to self-love, we've both come across a sort of darkness that at first made us uncomfortable. But we learned that in order to truly explore, accept and love ourselves we had to acknowledge and embrace the dark parts as well. Psychologists refer to that dark side, or shadow self, as repressed ideas, impulses, weaknesses, desires, and even embarrassing fears. The wild and chaotic side that for many of us are the source of our creative energy. But, remember, shadow cannot exist without light, brujas. 

Listen as we get into our recurring dark and strange dreams, lucid dreaming, fears, and morbid side of ourselves and how we embraced our dark side in order to see the light. 

Ep. 25: Kathleen Pagan of Endlessly Elated on Her Side Hustle, Leaving Corporate America & Her Third Eye

We sat down with Kathleen Pagan from the very successful lifestyle blog Endlessly Elated and chatted on what made her take the leap from financier to a full-time entrepreneur. Kathleen tells us about how her "third eye don't lie" rule and even gives us tips on how to make your blog stand out above the rest.  

Be sure to subscribe to her Youtube page @Endlesslyelated and get all the great tips on being the hostess with the mostess. 

Ep. 24: Mother’s Day Special: OG Bruja Yolanda (Cindy's Mom) on reading cigars, baños and more

Cindy’s mom, Yolanda, aka an OG bruja, makes a special appearance in honor of Mother’s Day. She opens up about how she tapped into her intuition more than ever once she immigrated to the U.S., how she came to read cigars, and shares special baños for when you feel super cargarda.

This particular show is mostly in Spanish and Spanglish, so tune in with your mom, abuela or tia.

Happy Mother’s Day, brujas!

Ep. 23: Annie The Alchemist Is Back With Love Advice & More...

Annie The Alchemist aka The Fashion Poet is back to discuss love and the best ways to cleanse away any  brujeria that does not serve you. She also shares with us her spiritual journey to Iceland and what items to pack when traveling. Be sure to follow her spiritual journey on IG @anniethealchemist.