Ep. 36: Mestiza Magic Founder Valeria on Why Coming Out as a Bruja Was Harder Than Coming Out As Queer

Valeria of Mestiza Magic is not a traditional woman. As she puts it, she’s “that bruja that has really long armpit hair and likes to cuss out loud.” We were instantly attracted to her knowledge of Mexican curanderismo, owning her bruja identity as a form of healing and complicated but touching journey on coming out as a bruja to her mother. Her mom tries to sway her to not identify as a bruja because as she put it, "it's not something that's embraced in her family.”

The Massachusetts-based queer mestiza bruja is on her way to New Orleans to expand her creativity in reading and designing tarot cards and recently launched blog which came to her in a vision best described as "just a little bit of poison and a whole lot of consciousness."

Check out her Instagram account @MestizaMagic and website at MestizaMagic.com where she crafts her existence outside of the patriarchal world that tells her she’s not powerful.