Ep. 45: MiTu's Kat Lazo Joins Us to Talk Catcalling, Lucid Dreaming & Latinx in the Media

We're officially reclaiming the word "catcall" in honor of our special guest Kat Lazo of TheeKatsMeow who also happens to be a kick-ass video producer at MiTu. Kat shares the insanely creative way she combats catcalling in the streets! You don't want to miss this. 

We also went in on lucid dreaming, cultural appropriation, being children of immigrant parents, and how to make space for ourselves in media. She's got the special sauce to tackle tough subjects like colorism and white privilege with genuine and comedic ease. 

Be sure to follow Kat Lazo on YouTube and check out her work on MiTu where she tackles subjects like "Why are novelas so white?" and "What's with the X in Latinx?" Season 2 is coming up at the end of September! 

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