Ep. 49: CBD Oil Misconceptions Debunked From Kat Bagley of Nectar of the Goddess

More and more people are turning to CBD oil for it's medicinal benefits but some are still a little hazy on how it's different from marijuana. To help break down the facts and other not widely known health benefits, we asked our friend Kat Bagley, found of Nectar of the Goddess, to come on the show and help educate us. She gets into what motivated her to launch organic full-spectrum CBD products and why they should be honest and affordable. Fun fact: CBD oil is legal in all 50 states. 

Also worth mentioning, we met Kat at Standing Rock last year and because she spent months as a water protector, she became our point of contact when we got to the reservation. We are so happy that we get to bring her on and talk about her journey back to Colorado to help bring this amazing product to the public. It's only when we heal ourselves, that we can heal the world. 

You can check out Nectar of the Goddess on Instagram or order some products on their website. Let's support one another! 

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