Ep. 57: Meet One Latina Giving a Voice to America's Struggling Renters

We talk to one Latina who is working on changing policies to help with housing affordability and homelessness. Ali Solis is President and CEO of Make Room Inc., a national advocacy nonprofit organization giving voice to America’s struggling renters. She works closely with the White House, U.S. Congress, state and local policy leaders and industry stakeholders — not to mention she works closely with families who often have to do trade-offs (clothes, transportation, etc.) in order to afford their rent. About 9 million children live in households that struggle with this problem. Latinos are affected in particular because they make up most of the renter population. This issue hits home for Solis because her family is from Puerto Rico and she seen first hand how lack of housing efforts’ support and resources there can affect people.

Check out how to get involved with Ali Solis on MakeRoomUSA.org to see how you can help support her in a legislation that commemorates September as the National Month for Renters bringing awareness to an often underreported issue. 

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