Ep. 43: Tatianna Tarot on Intuitive Pregnancy Vibes, Her Bruja Story, & Reading Cindy's Tarot Cards

Tatianna Tarot on knowing she had a gift ever since she was kid, her pregnancy increasing her intuitive vibes, and what she does before every reading to ensure only positive spirits come through. And, she even reveals a super fun fact about yet another creative skill she has and her baby's middle name ⭐️ Then, Cindy gets her tarot cards read asking Tatianna a super personal question. Things get vulnerable, brujas.

Check her out on: http://myurbanillumination.com/work-with-me or email her for a reading at urbanillumination@gmail.com.

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Ep. 27: Fellow Bruja And Founder of Modern Curandera Talks About Honoring Her Ancestors And Assimilation

Priscilla Klock is a fellow bruja, podcaster of Feminine and founder of Modern Curandera.  She dives into how she had to assimilate because her ethnicity was looked down on and how through that pain she birthed the Modern Curandera - a safe place that unites the modern and ancient cultures of her heritage all while helping bruja entrepreneurs get their businesses off the ground. 

Listen as we get into what all this meant for a fellow Latina and what this means for modern brujas today.

Ep. 23: Annie The Alchemist Is Back With Love Advice & More...

Annie The Alchemist aka The Fashion Poet is back to discuss love and the best ways to cleanse away any  brujeria that does not serve you. She also shares with us her spiritual journey to Iceland and what items to pack when traveling. Be sure to follow her spiritual journey on IG @anniethealchemist.