Ep. 47: Rebecca Gitana of Lifestyle Remix on Being an Intimate Healer, Spiritually Raunchy, & Her Drag Queen Alter Ego

Join us as we discuss the inner workings of Lifestyle Remix's Rebecca Gitana as a healer through the home space, spirit guide, earth angel, gentle warrior and certified firecracker who believes she is on this planet to help people remember who they are. 

We talk about how she prayed for a breakthrough in her early 20's and the process of becoming a healer. Because while we would love to wake up one day and just be one, that's not the case. There is serious work involved. Rebecca reveals how she came about embracing her brujaness, her connection to the church and what her experience was to be a vivid dreamer as a child. You might love this convo so much, you might just listen to this twice. You're welcome, brujitas. Check out her personal Instagram account and her work here.

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