Ep. 55: Brujas of Brooklyn on Honoring Your Womb, Spiritual Health Realignment, & Their Dominican Mother

The Brujas of Brooklyn, Afro-Latina identical twins Gricelda and Miguelina, open up about their spiritual journey led by their Dominican mother. Led by academia but still using the spiritual tools they grew up with, they’ve organized a tight collective of women of color in their community to empower, protect and educate in hopes of going beyond limitations they were exposed to while growing up. Miguelina also goes into detail about the health scare and traumatic breakup that ignited her spiritual healing and Gricelda talks about what inspired her to become a doula. 

We also go to see these practical magic makers before their pink tent event which retroactively honors the moment when women got their period because in our culture there is a lot of shame tied to it. Their expertise in womb-healing will inspire you to honor about this pivotal moment in your life. Tap and own your womb-power, brujas. 

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Ep. 38: The Latinos Who Lunch Podcast on Faux Brujas, Mexican Ceviche, and Cultural Appropriation

FavyFav and Babelito of the Latinos Who Lunch podcast joined us to talk about the behind-the-scenes of creating a podcast, the rise of faux brujas a.k.a. cultural appropriation, if and how they embrace their inner bruja. They even opened up about why at first they chose to use nicknames instead of using their real names when launching and how liberating it's been in committing to being vulnerable on the show. This honest conversation on culture, politics, and importance of visibility in the podcast world might leave you hungry for more. 

Check them out at Latinos Who Lunch for more and listen to their podcast! #supportbrownpodcasts

Shoutout to Pam Covarrubias from the Cafe con Pam Podcast and the FEMININE Podcast By The Modern Curandera, both available on iTunes.