Ep. 44: Annie The Alchemist Talks About Her Experience With Hurricane Irma & How She Mentally Prepared to Overcome Her Biggest Fear

Annie The Alchemist gets super vulnerable in this episode as she dives into her experience with a category 5 hurricane by the name of Irma. She describes mother nature's turbulence and how she mentally prepared for a life changing catastrophe. You can hear it all on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and more. You can also follow our visual journey via Instagram or Facebook @moradolens.  And, don't forget to follow Annie the Alchemist on Instagram

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Ep. 23: Annie The Alchemist Is Back With Love Advice & More...

Annie The Alchemist aka The Fashion Poet is back to discuss love and the best ways to cleanse away any  brujeria that does not serve you. She also shares with us her spiritual journey to Iceland and what items to pack when traveling. Be sure to follow her spiritual journey on IG @anniethealchemist.