Ep. 63: Intuitive Tarot Therapist Tatianna Breaks Down the Difference Between Intuition and Paranoia, Okra Baths, & Setting Intentions for the New Year

Intuitive tarot therapist, medium, and ritual practitioner Tatianna Tarot is back and this time to give us the lowdown on how to tell the difference between intuition and paranoia, because there is a fine line. She explains what happens to you both spiritually and physically when intuition hits and what to be aware of in the moment. We even get into how to take okra baths, what prayer to say to your spirit and what to do after you’re done. And, because it’s the new year and we all have our intentions on our mind, Tatianna even shares the subcategories her journal and how she builds a tangible and intentional plan for her goals.  

Spoiler alert: Plan loosely, if your plans deviate from what the universe has planned for you. And, her new intuitive baby girl Sahara also makes an appearance on the show! Be sure to check out her site at her site to book a reading.